Baby Games: Sticky Mat & Feet Paintings

Sensory Fun!


I've seen lots of fun ideas using contact paper lately and thought that maybe the babies in my care would enjoy this sticky sensory experience!  I put the contact paper, sticky side up on the ground.  I taped it down with masking tape.

Why I actually thought the masking tape would keep it down, I don't know!!!  My little R (in the photo above) really got a kick out of the sticky texture {please excuse his drool covered shirt- teething!}  The contact paper did get a little wadded up several times, but I just pulled it apart and they were at it again!

FEET Paintings

I saw this idea somewhere in blog world, but I don't remember where!?  If it was your blog, please let me know!

Using the exersauser, I taped a piece of construction paper under the babies bare feet and added washable paint the paper.  I put a blob of yellow and a blob of blue on the paper and away he went!  The 'big' kids in my care were SO excited to watch him paint with his feet!  What was even better was watching him mix the yellow and blue to make green!


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  1. My niece is 6 months old and she has the same type of exersaucer. I cannot wait to try feet painting with her. I was thinking I could frame it and give her first artwork to her mom and dad as a gift! Love it.



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